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Organizational principles and values

Promoting sustainable development: the organization is committed to and engaged in the promotion of sustainable development practices among its target groups.Popular participation: Lem believes in equality of commitment and involvement of people at all stages of the development process and considers participation as the corner stone to success. Empowerment: Lem up-holds the concept of people's empowerment as an integral part of development process that is based on self-reliance.

Flexibility: Lem emphasizes the concept of learning by doing, and hence underlines the importance of flexibility in order to adjust itself to changing situations. 
Transparency: Lem attaches great importance to the timely and systematic flow of information among all of its staff, constituents, stakeholders, partners and other relevant parties in the development process.
Gender Equity: Lem promotes the implementation of focused interventions beneficial to vulnerable social groups; mainly women as well as the under and over aged groups.
Accountability: Lem strictly adheres to the principles of accountability and the maintenance of the credibility of the organization both to its constituents and the public at large.
Dedication and commitment: Lem emphasizes those founding members & members of its staff should apply their services to the maximum of their skills and experience to enhance development within the target communities.

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