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Strategic Objectives

Sustainable development should be peopleís day to day concern and action to come out of poverty and to attain sustainable livelihood. To do this the creation of aware, voluntary, & action oriented grass root movement is very essential. Thus, based on the existing situation it has become evident that action oriented environmental awareness development, promoting grass-roots sustainable livelihood and education in general and specifically environmental/natural resources management education/ awareness creation play a paramount role in the course of addressing problems of environment and development by enhancing rational community participation. However, Ethiopia has done little in this respect for different reasons. Some of the major factors leading to such under accomplishment include:

a)    Delayed development of a workable environmental policy/enforcement, which is not yet very well known to the grass-root community, for example forestry, land use, etc. policies,
b)     Absence of an institutional effort to address environmental education and awareness issues;
Absence of an institutional lobbying capacity and experience to influence government policy for integrating environmental education into the existing formal education system,
Low level of environmental advocacy exercise for different reasons,
Non existence/low level of peoplesí movement that involve the public at large in issues of environment & development, and
Low level of institutional capacity to create such movements
Low level of institutional memory and documentation of best practices

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