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Membership, partnership and networking

Lem Ethiopiaís lofty ideas are accepted almost by all sorts of people in the country and beyond. Before 2010, more than 3000 individuals and 300 institutions (private and public) mainly schools through their school environmental education clubs were its members. As per the new Ethiopian Charities and Associationís Law, institutional membership is not applicable.

Lem Ethiopia has carrying out its development interventions in partnership with the government institutions and target communities. Lem is a member of national networks on environment and sustainable development and a few global networks.

Its development partners inside and outside the country are not so many. Among our long term development partners are; The David & Lucile Packard Foundation, Swedish International Development Agency (SIDA) through Sustainable Land Use Forum (SLUF), Embassy of Finland, Embassy of Japan, civil society organizations in Germany and Finland Formin through University of Tampere/Sustainable Future NGO.

Thus, the main focus this component are the following.  

Develop the awareness of the communities at large in general and grassrootsí communities on natural resources management and sustainable utilization, alternative technologies and livelihood security, the role of gender in socio-economic development, alternative energy and construction resources impacts of high population growth on economic development and natural resources utilization, benefits of reproductive health, family planning, HIV/AIDS, and environmental education for sustainable development. In addition to these, the awareness development activities include the systematic implementation of the Environmental Policy of Ethiopia, PASDEP, the National Climate Change Adaptation Strategy and Growth and Transformation Program (GTP), 
Contribute for better implementation/enforcement of such laws and regulations as well as standards;
Undertake or promote existing data collection and conducting researches on the environment & development hotspots as necessary, to support its contribution to awareness development efforts,
Create/provide fora for developing awareness and promoting discussions/consultations about the issues it focuses; for example organizing seminars, workshops & dialogue on electronic and mass media including TV & Radio, on environment & development.
Contribute its share to fill the gaps identified through research in relation to natural resources management and its sustainable benefits through capacity building efforts.




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