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Urban Waste Management

One of Lem EthiopiaĆ­s concerns in relation to environment is urban pollution caused by improper urban waste management of households, service giving institutions and production processing industries. Accordingly Lem Ethiopia carried out Clean up Addis Project in 1994/95 that incorporate short term, mid-term and long term alternatives strategies and registered significant achievements that helped the city administration to improve urban waste management of the city.

Among the success stories of the initiation has been the emergence of solid and liquid waste collecting private enterprises and the community participation in urban waste management which was not significant before.

Another important intervention in urban waste management was carried out in Jimma town in collaboration with Environmental Health Department of Jimma University. A study was conducted on the development of urban waste management master plan source document in Jimma town.

Participatory urban waste management project has also implemented in Bahir Dar city in collaboration with the city administration. The project introduced an integrated hygiene and sanitation facilities, composting human excreta and organic household waste that applied to urban agricultural site obtained from the city administration. Mobile and school based urine diversion toilet that separate urine and feaeces to be used as soil nutrient has introduced. 40 unemployed youth (22 male and 18 female) are generating income from these facilities at the same time give hygiene and sanitation service. The youth groups are organized in saving and credit are growing their income from time to time.

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