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H.E. Ghirma W/Ghiorgis

In his very long service to the country still remains highly concerned about the well-being of the people and has able to voice their problems in various forums including taking the lead role in various civil society organization such as idirs and mahbeers. He is one of the initiators and founders of Lem Ethiopia, who also served as vice president for 6 years. He was Patron of Lem Ethiopia and an active advocate for the environment. H.E Ghirma being an environmental activist is known for his contributions to improvement of the environment by initiating various policy proposals which were later enacted by the Ethiopian Federal Parliament. Former FDRE President and Patron of Lem Ethiopia passed away in Dec 2020.

Dr. Constantinos Berhe Tesfu

(Ph.D in Resource Management)

is one of the initiators and founders of Lem Ethiopia continues to serve as a Board Chairman and now as General Assembly chair since the inception. His far farsightedness and inventiveness enabled him to foresee future crisis of environment and climate change and alternative ways 25 years ago. His area of work include participatory policy analysis, formulation and management – local institutions, civil society development, and strategic planning and resource management as a senior adviser for a number of international and regional organizations such as AU, EU, UNDP, UNECA, UNICEF, and countries in Africa. He is author of numerous papers published in professional journals, presented to workshops and symposia. Recently he has written serious of books on governance, resource management and climate change adaptation.

Mahary Maasho

(SA in Social Works)

is one of the founders of Lem Ethiopia. He served the country at different leadership level in government ministries, civil society orgnaizations including Ethiopian Red Cross and international organizations such as UNHCR from where he gained good knowledge and experience in the area of environment and development. As an elected Red Cross Board Chairman of the Wollo Chapter from 1983 up to 1989, he used this opportunity by becoming an environmental activist in a bid to seek solutions to the effects of the disaster due to the 1984 drought.

Mengesha Workneh

(LLB, MB in Agricultural Economics)

in one of the initiators and founders of Lem Ethiopia. He has served holding high posts in various government, international organizations such as ILO and nongovernmental organizations. He has accumulated a wide range of experience by being in service for over 40 years and currently he is an active member in various national and international task forces and steering committees of various organizations. He served Lem Ethiopia as vice president for the first five years and as member of Board of Directors up to date. He is delegating Lem Ethiopia at different local and global fora on issues of environment related negotiations, policies, laws and regulations and he is still contributing a lot.

Woldekidan Nerie

(M.Sc. in Forest Management and Diploma in Energy Resource Conservation Management and Planning)

is also one of the founding members of Lem Ethiopia. He has been working as an expert, coordinator and manager in government and nongovernment organizations for the past 38 years. He is very innovative in the areas of natural resources management and appropriate technologies. Have good capacity in forestry and wildlife management. He is serving as a member of Board of Director of Lem Ethiopia since the last 10 years.

Mogues Worku

(B.Sc in Natural Science, BA in Development Management, Advanced Certificate in Watershed Management (Sweden), and Postgraduate Diploma in development management)

joined Lem Ethiopia in 1992 as a volunteer while he was a university student. After graduation from 1994 to 2000 he was working as an expert in environmental education and natural resources management and as Executive Director from 2001 up to date. He attended a number of various training sessions in Ethiopia and abroad. He is member of board of directors of three consortium and two NGOs. He is also a member of different national and regional networks.

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